Where Do I Go From Here?

Recently, I was asked to speak to the Norman Art Guild about the creative process for writing my book, “Quackers: A Duck’s Tale”. The book has been in print for four months now so they asked what’s next? Where do I want to take it moving forward?

I’ve asked myself that same question many times! The exercise of writing Quackers was in response to something I felt led to do. I needed to accomplish it without having to know the outcome or reason why. My personality type is compelled to plan, prepare, weigh outcomes… Writing the book was my first attempt at purposefully relinquishing that control. I embraced relying on the unknown and unseen, acting upon faith.

Four months after launching the book, I’m still open to having its purpose revealed along the way. I’m finally understanding the adage, “It’s about the journey, not the destination”. However, that hasn’t been easy for me.

A couple of weeks ago, I was restless and felt I should be doing something to promote the book. I should be moving forward and causing things to happen. Being self-published, copies of the book aren’t going to sell unless I do the marketing myself.  I’d anxiously searched the Internet for literary agents and publishing houses that would market Quackers for me to no avail. As if God had assigned me some complex mathematical problem to be solved, I asked for an answer, insight… heck, give me a clue! “What should I do?”

I remembered watching a video clip of Oprah where she answered a viewers’ question about, “How do you find the balance between making things happen and letting things happen?” Oprah replied that you do all you can do, you do the work, you prepare, you get ready for the opportunity to step in, then you let go. When you’ve done everything you possibly can, that’s the moment of surrender and release.


I suddenly had a sense of calm, a sense of peace. I HAD done everything I could do. I had done the work by exhausting leads and tying up my loose ends. I felt God reminding me that being still and patiently waiting is part of the deal. This whole process started with me accepting that and here I’d already forgotten it in a matter of months, ha!

Therefore, my answer to the Art Guild was, “We’ll see”. I don’t know where this is going and I’m okay with that. I don’t know what the future holds for the book but I feel I’ve done my part and am waiting on the right people and circumstances to align. God’s timing is not my timing. Like Oprah says, “If it’s supposed to be yours, it will come to you”. I’m surprised by how empowering it is to just let go…



Author: atkinsonfarm

Garry and Deanna (say it real fast and it's Gary, Indiana) have been married for thirty-four years and have raised three wonderful children. They share a love of family, nature and of God. They try to be good citizens of this tiny planet that we're all on, hopefully leaving it better than they found it. The couple strives to be non-judgmental lovers of all God's creation (people and animals alike). Garry and Deanna have full time jobs but in their off-hours, believe there's no place like home. They believe animals enrich our lives so they've filled theirs with dogs, chickens, ducks and goats. They don't take themselves too seriously and want to share the adventures of a mini-farm with you. Hopefully, it will brighten your day.

2 thoughts on “Where Do I Go From Here?”

  1. I love what you say here and forwarded it to my son who is completing his first book. Restless and competent people find it more difficult, I think, to be satisfied with and celebrate one accomplishment at a time. It seems they /we want to plow forward into the next thing, sometimes too quickly.

    Kathleen Cox

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    1. Kathleen, yes! Restless people sometimes think being still is the equivalent of doing nothing. I am gaining a new appreciation for how much discipline being patient, still, quite… actually takes!


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