Mark Your Calendars (please)

21122285_827085990791452_9102034568741181157_oI received notification that the books “should” arrive September 13th! This good news came on the same day as Quackers’ rubber stamp. Quackers wants to autograph his books but he’s just too messy. We compromised and he agreed we could use a rubber stamp instead of finger-paint on his feet.

As soon as the books arrive, we’ll fulfill our Kickstarter orders! Thanks again for everyone that enabled us to reach our goal! I appreciate you patiently waiting for the books to be printed. (Kudos again to art direction/book designer Jime @ Wimmer Studios for sponsoring the successful campaign.)

I don’t want to jinx things by revealing details too early but we are planning a launch party at Scissortail Gifts! They’re located in the south lobby of the Myriad Gardens Crystal Bridge in downtown OKC! They will be selling books at their Gardens location as well as their soon-to-be new store. Check them out at

The book’s launch party is tentatively set for Friday, October 6th from 4 to 6 pm at Scissortail. I am so thankful for this opportunity! I hope you’re able to attend and share this milestone with me.

During the month of October, the grounds of the Myriad Gardens are transformed into a fall wonderland of over 16,000 pumpkins! This year marks their 6th Anniversary of Pumpkinville. Quackers and I will be signings books at Scissortail’s pop-up shop inside the Myriad Gardens’ Pumpkinville. We’ll be there Saturdays and Sundays 1 to 3 pm. Be sure and check out Pumpkinville! We hope to see you there!


Author: atkinsonfarm

Garry and Deanna (say it real fast and it's Gary, Indiana) have been married for thirty-four years and have raised three wonderful children. They share a love of family, nature and of God. They try to be good citizens of this tiny planet that we're all on, hopefully leaving it better than they found it. The couple strives to be non-judgmental lovers of all God's creation (people and animals alike). Garry and Deanna have full time jobs but in their off-hours, believe there's no place like home. They believe animals enrich our lives so they've filled theirs with dogs, chickens, ducks and goats. They don't take themselves too seriously and want to share the adventures of a mini-farm with you. Hopefully, it will brighten your day.

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