Putting It Into Action

I added a 5 foot plastic work table to our computer set-up so I’d have a workstation at home. As I typed, I wore a pair of noise cancelling ear muffs so I could concentrate. They’d been worn only one time before at a skeet shoot so I was glad to be able to justify their expense. I had never written a book before but knew the key concepts I wanted to highlight. My husband, Garry, and I explored several options. Should we find a publisher or self-publish? In the end, we decided to use CreateSpace and do it ourselves.

Writing the book was easy. I just used actual events to tell the story. Telling it from Quackers’ perspective wasn’t difficult for me as I tend to be a little quirky anyway. During this process, I sometimes depended on the feedback of others to encourage me.  “Read this, what do you think?”, I’d ask anyone I could corner. I got a little discouraged because their response didn’t include the enthusiasm of a fireworks display or marching band. One day, while listening to Joel Osteen, he said something that changed my thought process forever. To paraphrase, he was talking about not depending on others to determine your self-worth. “If they don’t understand or encourage you, it is because God put the dream in YOUR heart, not theirs. God would not have put the dream in your heart if He had not already given you everything you need to fulfill it.” What?  You mean I already have what I need inside me?  I felt a little like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  Joel said, “If you depend on people to build you up, they can also tear you down.” I saw this journey as an opportunity to not only write a book, but to gain self-confidence by staying the course and not depending (or needing) the approval of others.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the unfailing support of at least one person, my husband. Garry always encourages me in all my endeavors. At times, I think his judgment is a little skewed where I’m involved.  Right or wrong, Garry always is on my side.

I added chapters to the book until I thought it was an adequate length.  Then, I sent it to CreateSpace for editing. They had fabulous feedback that allowed me to see where I failed to develop a character or where I’d dropped a storyline. I re-worked the manuscript and sent it back to them. This time, they worked on my grammar and sentence composition. I was thankful for their advice because it has been 34 years since I sat in an English class, ha!


Author: atkinsonfarm

Garry and Deanna (say it real fast and it's Gary, Indiana) have been married for thirty-four years and have raised three wonderful children. They share a love of family, nature and of God. They try to be good citizens of this tiny planet that we're all on, hopefully leaving it better than they found it. The couple strives to be non-judgmental lovers of all God's creation (people and animals alike). Garry and Deanna have full time jobs but in their off-hours, believe there's no place like home. They believe animals enrich our lives so they've filled theirs with dogs, chickens, ducks and goats. They don't take themselves too seriously and want to share the adventures of a mini-farm with you. Hopefully, it will brighten your day.

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