Here’s How It All Started

A new beginning on a feathered adventure

There’s something about turning fifty that puts your life into perspective. I remember obtaining the milestone only to think, “Is this it?  Is this all there is?”

At fifty, there’s a sense of urgency. Symbolically, you’re more than halfway through life’s journey so one finds themselves asking what the second half of life is going to look like? I looked around our house at all the things we’d amassed during our 30+ year marriage, the material things that were supposed to bring happiness, and felt very empty. Garry and I had worked all our lives trying to obtain that elusive golden ring, staying on a self-imposed human hamster wheel. We didn’t know what or where we were going, we just kept going…

Garry and I had worked all our lives trying to obtain that elusive golden ring, staying on a self-imposed human hamster wheel.

Garry retired from his job of 32 years and we prepared for our second half of life. We downsized our financial footprint by moving into a house that was 1,000 square feet smaller than the one we were in. It felt like we were going backwards. For the first time in our lives, I didn’t see our future being brighter than our past. We had peaked and feared our prime earning years were behind us. The adage, “you can’t take it with you” rang true as we turned our priority to financial security over stuff. The new house needed lots of work but it was in our youngest son’s school district, came with 2.5 acres, zoned agricultural but more importantly, cost substantially less money than the house we were in.

Little did I know this wasn’t the end… it was our beginning. 2.5 acres was just enough land for Garry and I to return to our roots. All our lives we had dreamed of living on a farm but responsibilities got in our way. This little urban “farm” became our chance to reconnect with nature! We surrounded ourselves with dogs, rabbits, chickens, ducks and goats. We got our hands dirty in the garden and stayed busy with endless outdoor projects. This agricultural kind of lifestyle within a metropolitan city made us feel a little quirky and odd. But then, who cares? We ARE quirky and odd. Obligations had directed the first half of our lives, by golly the second half was going to be for us!

We look forward to sharing our adventure with you! Maybe you can learn from our mistakes? Or, enjoy shared experiences and know you’re not alone in this journey we call life? Laugh with (or at) us, we don’t care. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and hope you don’t either. It’s been almost three years since we moved to the “farm”. Little did we know how it would impact our lives…

Author: atkinsonfarm

Garry and Deanna (say it real fast and it's Gary, Indiana) have been married for thirty-four years and have raised three wonderful children. They share a love of family, nature and of God. They try to be good citizens of this tiny planet that we're all on, hopefully leaving it better than they found it. The couple strives to be non-judgmental lovers of all God's creation (people and animals alike). Garry and Deanna have full time jobs but in their off-hours, believe there's no place like home. They believe animals enrich our lives so they've filled theirs with dogs, chickens, ducks and goats. They don't take themselves too seriously and want to share the adventures of a mini-farm with you. Hopefully, it will brighten your day.

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